Careers Education and Life Planning (CEP)

To foster a culture of thoughtful planning and self-discovery, our school has developed an integrated Life Planning Education programme that is interwoven throughout our entire curriculum. The programme is designed to help students recognize their interests, strengths, and aspirations, encouraging them to think about their future careers and study opportunities.

School-based Careers Education and Life Planning Lessons

Embedded within the school timetable, Careers Education and Life Planning (CEP) lessons are delivered to students from Form 1 to Form 6. These lessons offer a structured approach to developing self-knowledge, personal planning, and goal-setting skills. Encouraging students to consider different perspectives on learning and career opportunities, the lessons support them in building plans for their future development. Through reflective discussions and practical activities, students explore various career possibilities and learning opportunities, actively creating paths for their personal advancement.

Interactive Learning for Personal and Career Growth

Our approach to learning is grounded in interaction and reflection. We encourage students to actively participate in discussions about their future learning paths and career options. This interactive process is pivotal in assisting students to shape their own stories and take proactive steps towards their future goals.

By nurturing a reflective learning environment, we aim to support our students in laying a solid foundation for their future, ensuring they are equipped with the knowledge and skills to excel in the paths they choose.