School Badge

Our School Badge
CCC Heep Woh College is under the supervision of the Hong Kong Council of the Church of Christ in China (HKCCCC). The basic design of the school badge was adopted from that of CCC Hoh Fuk Tong College (CCCHFTC), the first secondary school established in 1963 by HKCCCC. Rev. Ernest Wu, the founding principal of CCCHFTC, drafted the outline of the school badge of CCCHFTC. The school badge was further constructed and polished by Mr. Lau Shing Yau, a colleague working in HKCCCC Headquarters at that time.


The open bible with the Greek words “Jesus is the Christ”, symbolizes the principle of Christianity.

The seal with the school name written in Chinese clerical script signifies the Chinese origin of the school.

The “Nestorian Cross” is a symbol of Christianity of the east. lt originated from the 8th century when a group of Nestorian missionaries preached the Christian beliefs in China.

這個上有火焰冒出的十字架名為「聶斯托利十字架」(NESTORIAN CROSS),是公元八世紀時,一班屬於聶斯托利派的基督徒來華傳教的標記,現時此標記多用以代表在東方的基督教。
The interconnected three “Cs” stand for The Church of Christ in China.

三個重疊的「C」字,是中華基督教會香港區會英文譯名(The Church of Christ in China)的簡寫。