Life Education

Life Education is an essential part of our education, aimed at developing students' positive values and attitudes for their all-around growth. In Form 1 and Form 2, the curriculum emphasizes enhancing students' skills in managing themselves and their relationships with others. This includes learning how to handle time, control emotions, and resolve disagreements with family and friends effectively.

Junior-Level Curriculum

For the junior levels, the curriculum includes learning how to manage personal time, emotions, and interpersonal conflicts effectively. These skills are crucial for personal development and maintaining healthy relationships with family and peers.

Senior-Level Curriculum

For the senior levels, the curriculum includes Christianity and Life Education, adding Christian values to the discussion of self-awareness, life decisions, and overcoming challenges. This provides students with perspectives that support their spiritual and personal development.

Life Education Camps

Our school organizes Life Education Camps annually for Form 1 and Form 4 students, marking key transition periods as students step into high school from primary education and as they move from junior to senior forms. These camps are designed not just to extend learning outside the classroom but also to support students in adapting to these new academic and social environments. Through team activities and personal tasks, students improve their understanding of themselves and learn to work better with others. These camps play a crucial role in helping students build a positive self-image and develop qualities like empathy, respect, and responsibility.